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Our service adapts
flexibly to both large and
smaller transportation needs

Fiuge is a transport service that is powered with a mass force. We are suitable for both business and private use. With our help, you can offer your customers fast and inexpensive home deliveries from both the stone foot shop and the web store.

  • We do not require commitments, investments, or compulsion to buy or sell from your company.
  • The need for transportation may be daily or occasional.
  • Fiuge is free for your business.
  • If you want, home delivery can be a product that will increase your operating profit.
  • The transport price for your customer is 30-50% cheaper than the industry price.
  • We deliver products from your store to the customer’s door, even during the same day.

Fiuge allows you to
increase your company's operating profit

  • By providing home delivery to your customers, you promote your own sales and serve better your customers
  • Fiuge’s transport service is also a product of your company that increases operating profit.
  • When you set up your company with Fiuge transports, you get a part of the transport price paid by the customer for yourself.
  • We bill your company on an aggregate basis according to the actual shipments.

You can use Fiuge
in many ways.

Use the way that fits your business the best!

1. Your customer orders the delivery

Recommend Fiuge transportation to your customer. The customer places an order in the app or by phone and leaves the paid product. Our carrier will pick up the order and deliver it to the address provided by the customer at the agreed time. Payment is made by the customer in the application.

2. You will order the delivery for your customer

You can place an order in the app, web app, phone, or email. After ordering, you will charge your customer for the shipping cost. Our carrier will pick up the paid product and deliver it to the customer as agreed. We will bill your company for the shipments you have ordered. Alternatively, you can pay for transportation in the app.

3. Integrated to your web store

The customer can order Fiuge transport in connection with e-commerce purchases. Through integration, orders flow from the online store directly to our transportation system. The customer pays for the transport in connection with the purchase transaction and we will invoice your company according to the transportations that have taken place.

4. Two in one – we also offer a web store platform with homedelivery integration

If you need both a web store and a home delivery service, you can get the full package through us. We can build a branded web store for your company, through which your customers can order. For example, the restaurant food you can offer by home-delivered or with a pick-up.


  • A flexible solution for your company’s transportation needs
  • Fast, even same-day shipments without interim storage
  • Modern tools
  • More environmentally friendly transportation service
  • Opportunity to increase operating profit with home delivery
  • Comprehensive insurance for all shipments


  • Reach more customers and enhance your service experience.
  • Home delivery is a competitive advantage that allows you to succeed alongside larger players
  • You stand out from the crowd by delivering your products to your customer’s doorstep even on the same day.
  • Customer satisfaction is growth
  • You are freeing up your time for core business.


  • A comprehensive service experience that includes not only your expertise but also a home delivery
  • 30-50% cheaper than the industry fare
  • Fast, even same-day delivery
  • Shopping effortlessly to your doorstep

Help us to expand!

We want to offer Fiuge deliveries in every town!

Fiuge’s operations are cost-effective, fast, and flexible. We do not store products in distribution centers or pick-up points, but we transport the products from your store to the customer’s doorstep even during the same day. The combination of our transports and the optimization of routes also take place electronically. In addition to motor vehicles, our carriers also move on bicycles, kickboards, and on foot. In this way, we burden the environment and the street scene less.

We currently operate in the following locations: Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Kirkkonummi, Turku, Pori, Lappeenranta, Mikkeli, Savonlinna, Kajaani and Porvoo. 


We are constantly expanding our operations to new locations, so stay tuned! Next we will take place in Tampere and Oulu.

We would love to tell you more!

We understand the day to day challenges that every entrepreneur faces. We will help you to deliver your packages to the recipient faster, easier, and customer-oriented.


Contact us! Let’s think about the best working solution for your company.

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